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In their natural habitat, plants have evolved to survive and flourish absorbing the nourishment they need from the soil and climate that is unique to the geographical location.  The plant forms oil when any excess nourishment - including vitamins and minerals found in the local soil - is converted into valuable fatty acids.  The resulting nutrient-rich and complex oil is unique to each plant species and is stored in the plant’s seeds to power the growth of the new plant.

Plants have also evolved ways to protect and survive in their natural habitat by producing unique essential oils. Essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial and play an important role in helping to avert danger in the immediate environment from bacteria, virus, fungi, UV rays from strong sun and to repel attack from marauding insects. The unique and enticing aroma of a plant’s essential oil also plays the dual role of attracting local pollinators.

Oil that is extracted from a plant growing in its native habitat therefore offers more authentic benefits than the same plant when it is cultivated in a different country or a different location. 

The unique power of Australian native plant oils

The hot, dry and sunshine-soaked climate of Australia – with vast eco-regions including desert, rainforest and grassland – has ensured the evolution of the most unique native plants with astonishingly powerful plant oils. To withstand and survive the challenges of our extreme terrain and climate, our native plants are bursting with super-charged, nutrient-dense oils and potent essential oils. These super oils offer super benefits for our skin too.