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Are Ipsum face and body oils vegan-friendly?    

Yes. All Ipsum products are made with 100% pure and organic plant oils, extracts, esters and waxes. None of the products in our range contain any animal derived ingredients.


Are Ipsum products cruelty-free?  

Yes. Ipsum face and body products are always tested on humans and will never be tested on animals.


Can I use Ipsum if I have sensitive skin or rosacea or eczema?

Yes – in particular, Ipsum Best Skin Nourishing Face Oil and Ipsum Best Skin Body Oil in Patchouli Rose have achieved great results when used as part of an everyday regime for sensitive skin issues. All Ipsum products do include very small amounts of beneficial essential oils in the formulations therefore it is always best to first carry out a small patch test on your skin.


Are any of the Ipsum products suitable for oily skin?

Yes!  Many plant oils help bring balance to oily skin and have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibacterial properties that can soothe sore and reddened acne skin. They also contain vitamins and anti-oxidants to help heal and restore skin back to health.  All Ipsum products are formulated with plant oils and extracts that are highly beneficial to help decongest, balance and rejuvenate oily skin especially jojoba, rosehip, lavender, ylang ylang, patchouli, roman chamomile and Australian Sandalwood.


Are Ipsum face and body oils safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes – and the massaging action plus the aromatherapy benefits of the oils can works wonders to balance skin and calm the mind.

A full list of ingredients are featured on all Ipsum products and as they contain very small amounts of essential oils, please do check with your doctor first if you are in any doubt.


Can I combine any of the Ipsum products?

Ipsum Best Skin face oils are formulated to offer specific benefits - however you can customise them to suit your skin across the seasons by layering them. 


Can you help? My order hasn't yet arrived.

You should receive a tracking number as soon as your Ipsum purchase has been despatched to advise the status of your parcel's journey.  If you are unable to track your order, please do contact us on


Do you offer Express delivery?

If you are in a hurry for your next Ipsum purchase - or you are sending Ipsum as a gift and want to ensure the delivery date - we would love to help!  Please contact us on and advise us of the intended address and we will get back to you by return email.