for your best,

most beautiful skin

clean, pure and organic

Luxurious and highest quality plant oil blends for face and
body that will make your skin look and feel radiant

Ipsum formulations are delicately-balanced organic blends of nutrient-rich, potent plants oils
to ensure skin is healthy, smooth, even-toned and luminous – your best skin.

Ipsum blends offer the most effective results since they are carefully extracted from plants
grown and harvested in their natural habitat - including sunshine-soaked Australia. The
formulations are carefully blended to sink into the skin to nourish, enliven and help protect
skin through the rigours of daily life across the seasons. The natural fragrances of Ipsum

Face and Body oils will help uplift and balance your mood.  

The result? Luxurious clean and pure skincare that will make you glow from inside and out.